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I am Al Young Business Consultant, and I offer a free business plan. To get your free business plan, please call me at (520) 338-1004 or email me at: al@alyoung.net

I have been a business consultant for over 25 years. I am in Tucson, Arizona. 

I can also produce a music audio on your website, or voice greeting audios on your website, to motivate your website visitors to call you. The voice greeting audios can be about the history of your business, your business services, customer education about your services and products, etc. 


How To Get More Business Customers Every Day

How To Increase Your Profits

Business Budgeting and Forecasting

Marketing Consultations

Marketing Plans

Business Debt Solutions

How to Manage Your Business Debt

Email Marketing

How to Finance New Business Equipment 

How to Expand Your Business

How to Buy Another Business

Smart Ways to Borrow Money For Your Business

How to Buyout a Business Partner

How to Sell Your Business

Business Succession Plan




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