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Email Newsletter Marketing

Email Newsletter Marketing is one of the most cost effective, efficient, and fastest methods for communicating to your customers.  Businesses that send out email newsletters to their website visitors and customers benefit in many ways. You turn your website visitors into paying customers.

Email Newsletter Marketing drives traffic to your website, and motivates your customers and website visitors to contact you to buy your product or service.

We help you upload a small Pop-Up Sign-Up Form (widget) to your website homepage for visitors to fill out. The Pop-Up can be for an email newsletter or a survey. And now you are talking to your website visitors who otherwise would just move on to another website.

Our email marketing software then automatically sends email newsletters to your customers and website visitors to keep them informed about your business, including:     

  • Sales Announcements ... Day and Time
  • Product discounts
  • How to use products
  • Videos of your store and products
  • Store hours such as extended hours, weekend hours, and holiday hours 
  • Major announcements 
  • Customers subscribe and unsubscribe themselves to your emails
  • Customers can forward your emails to their friends and family, expanding your business marketing reach